For really exciting video chat read our tips at bottom page!

How to free chat in our cosplay sex rooms

strange encountersThis is a free videochat, where you can find boys and girls from every part of the world, having visited Magaluf, willing to flash tits, bum and pussy in front of the camera. We would like to share with you a few tips which can save you lots of time and money:

  1. Videochat is reserved to adults. In order to use it, you will have to activate your account with a 1-time MINIMAL fee just to verify that you are 18 (if you have a credit card you are assumed to be 18).
  2. Choose English Language as soon as you get to the registration screen (click on the flags)
  3. Once you have verified your account you are entitled to use the videochat freely and contact all the girls with no limitations, but we recommed to ask the girls for their snapchat and instagram contact (may of the will give it to you for free)

Your account – registering and activating

You have to understand that the owner of this videochat has to ask for user verification to ensure users are 18. Girls don’t want to strip in front of kids. So, first of all, create a free account – as soon as you try to type something in the chat box you will be prompted to [Register] with a button. The account will be created on our partner site – this is intended and it is perfectly OK. You can come back here after registration or use their interface as well.

Choose a nice nickname that tells something about what you like. Everything will be easier then.

Activating your chat account

girls-flash-titsTo activate your account it is required a one-time, little fee of 5 $ to be paid with a credit card. This is the way the videochat manager uses to verify you are 18. This fee is actually a deposit that you can use and spend to have a private show with the girls, if you like, but you can leave it there to use the videochat indefinitley.

The payment is anonymous and you won’t see anything related to this site in the card transactions statement – privacy is safe with us.

I have registered and activated my account. What next?

Once you’re in the videochat, follow this advice to get girls play cosplay sex with you:

  • Start off dressed with some fancy and coloured shirt. To appear masked is OK here.
  • There are plenty of girls. Just click on the forward [>] button on those who don’t seem good for cosplay chatting, so to optimize time.
  • Don’t be shy and propose a some ideas for performance (dance naked? sing in bikini? wear sex toys?). Most of them will accept gladly.


Have LOTS OF fun!!