shark seen in magaluf

On midday of Saturday, June 26th, 2017 a eight-foot shark is seen swimming in the Illetas beach close to Magaluf

After a few minutes of panic, the swimmers were called out of the water, then after the big fish swom away the Civil Protection workers arrived and monitored the zone in order to be sure the beast would not come back.

“It seems the shark have gotten disorientated and for this reason it approached the beach. Normally it wouldn’t”, the City Council reported. The area seem now to be safe and the public bodies are monitoring the shore carefully.

It was a blue shark, one of the most common species in the Mediterranean.

An attack has been reported in Elche near Alicante last July: A holidaymaker was brought to hospital with a wounded hand.

Life saving advices

Don’t prentend you’re dead
If the shark has already seen you, playing dead will lower the shark’s perception to risk and will encourage him to give a bite. Remember that sharks are attracted by smell, more than movement.

Counterattack while Backing up
One of the weak points of shark is the space between the eyes, so punching firmly on the nose will trigger the fish conservation instinct and would eventually push him to run.
Also, eyes are other shark’s weak points so scratching them might make the attack stop.
While being prepared to counter-attack, slowly move towards the land.

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